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About Us



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Welcome to Hula Whip, where a love for travel, food, and community comes together in every bite. We're a small, woman-owned, and Black-owned business, proudly serving the city of Charlotte, NC with our delicious dairy-free treat.

We recognize the need for dessert options that didn't compromise on taste or texture. But, Hula Whip is not just about serving up delectable desserts. We're also about fostering community. Our food truck isn't just a mobile eatery—it's a vehicle for connection, a gathering spot for families, friends, and even pets to enjoy a sweet treat together.

We are committed to contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of the Charlotte community. Hula Whip is our way of leading by example, demonstrating that inclusion and connectedness are integral ingredients to the recipe for success.

Join us on this journey as we bring a taste of the tropics to the streets of Charlotte, one dairy-free dessert at a time. Thank you for supporting Hula Whip. Your smiles, your stories, and your shared moments of joy are the sweetest rewards of our labor.

Here's to good times, great flavors, and a future filled with sweet surprises!

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